Echo Hedge Trimmers

Echo Hedge Trimmers

echo hedge trimmers

ECHO Hedge Trimmers…A Cut Above the Rest!

For professionals and discerning homeowners who demand performance, ECHO Hedge Trimmers deliver. Available in single-sided and double-sided blade configurations, as well shafted models.

ECHO Hedge Trimmers are tough, reliable and loaded with intelligent features like: a throttle lock-out to help prevent accidental blade engagement, commercial-grade gear cases and cutting blades for the heaviest applications, and vibration-reducing engine mounts and padded handles for operator comfort.

Every double-sided blade hedge trimmer uses ECHO-exclusive RazorEdge™ Blades, which are laser cut and precision ground for long-lasting sharpness. ECHO offers four lengths of Shafted Hedge Trimmers: 59" with articulating blade set, (HCA-266), 51" (SHC-266), 33" (SHC-225), or 20" (SHC-225S). Each has its own benefits depending on your situation. And ECHO offers two Hedge Trimmers (HC-165 and HC-185) that feature a 5-position rotating handle for optimal cutting performance in a variety of cutting positions.


21.2cc Hedge Trimmer with 20" Blades

Loaded with professional features and a fresh new look.

HC152 Call For Details


21.2cc Hedge Trimmer with 24" Blades

Double-sided performance and comfortable, professional features

HC155 Call For Details


21.2cc Hedge Trimmer with 24" Blades and i-30 Starter

Powerful performance in a commercial-grade 24" hedge trimmer.

HC165 Call For Details


21.2cc Hedge Trimmer with 30" Blades and i-30 Starter

Commercial-grade 30" double-sided hedge trimmer

HC185 Call For Details


21.2cc Single-Sided Hedge Trimmer with 30" Blades and i-30 Starter

Heavy-duty 30" single-sided hedge trimmer

HC235 Call For Details


21.2cc Single-Sided Hedge Trimmer with 40" Blades and i-30 Starter

Commercial-grade 40" single-sided hedge trimmer

HC245 Call For Details


21.2cc Hedge Trimmer with 33" Shaft and i-30 Starter

Double-sided performance in a comfortable, shafted design

SHC225 Call For Details


21.2cc Hedge Trimmer with 20" Shaft and i-30 Starter

Reduced shaft length for great maneuverability and outstanding balance

SHC225S Call For Details


25.4cc Hedge Trimmer with 51" Shaft and i-30 Starter

Extra-long reach, increased power and 20" blade length

SHC266 Call For Details


25.4cc Articulating Hedge Trimmer with 59" Shaft and i-30 Starter

A 59" shaft for long-reach cutting ability and 180 degrees of operational articulation

HCA266 Call For Details
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