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ECHO Trimmers…Performance!

What else needs to be said about the world's finest commercial-grade grass trimmers? ECHO's easy-to-use custom ergonomic controls, light-weight design.

There are other shaft configurations available including a split shaft design that can accommodate most ECHO Pro Attachment Series™ attachments and ones with a steel drive shaft for increased cutting head acceleration.

Powerful professional-grade, 2-stroke engine technologies give you the tools to enhance your productivity. Whether you need a lightweight curved shaft model for simple trimming around posts or fence lines or you require the long reach of a straight shaft model, ECHO String Trimmers are designed for performance.

And if you're looking for more torque to power through tough regional grasses like Bermuda or St. Augustine, or use a trimmer for edging applications, ECHO offers the SRM-266T or SRM-280T that feature 50% more torque than standard models. With ECHO Trimmers, you'll spend less time creating a lasting impression and more time enjoying it. There is a wide range of complementary Accessories and Parts available for your string trimmer. Click here to learn about the various trimmer heads ECHO has available.


21.2cc Curved Shaft Trimmer with i-30 Starter

Lightweight, curved shaft trimmer features reduced-effort I-30 starting technology

GT225 Call For Details


21.2cc Curved Shaft Trimmer with i-75 Starter

The easiest-starting curved shaft trimmer available

GT225i Call For Details


2.8cc Curved Shaft Trimmer

Lightweight, curved shaft trimmer with extended reach

GT230 Call For Details


21.2cc Straight Shaft Trimmer with i-30 Starter

No other straight shaft trimmer is more fuel efficient

SRM225 Call For Details


21.2cc Straight Shaft Trimmer with i-75 Starter

A Speed-Feed® head and i-75™ starting technology make it the easiest-to-use trimmer available

SRM225i Call For Details


2.8cc Straight Shaft Trimmer

Outstanding power, durability and performance

SRM230 Call For Details


25.4 cc Straight Shaft Trimmer with i-30 Starter

Powerful performance and superior design

SRM266 Call For Details


25.4cc Steel Drive Shaft Trimmer with i-30 Starter

A steel drive shaft improves acceleration and reduces weight

SRM266s Call For Details


25.4 cc High Torque Trimmer with i-30 Starter

Incredible power with 50% more torque

SRM266t Call For Details


28.1cc Straight Shaft Trimmer

A new class of performance

SRM280 Call For Details


28.1cc Steel Drive Shaft Trimmer

A steel drive shaft improves acceleration and is a favorite for demanding professionals

SRM280s Call For Details


28.1cc High Torque Trimmer

The top-of-the-line choice for power, performance and torque

SRM280t Call For Details
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